UV Coating

  • Hologram

    Creating Dazzling Cast & Cure® Finishes

    Special Packaging and Labeling Create a Selling Advantage 

    Brand marketers have long sought to differentiate their products from competition to create a selling advantage. Packaging and labeling have often been the vehicles, used by designers, to make a notable difference promoting eye, and shelf appeal to stimulate product sales. Aesthetic shapes, graphics, and special visual effects have led the way.

  • Greensoft 126SFT Green UV Coatings

    Cork's Greensoft 126SFT line of green uv coatings offers the soft tactile feel for your upcoming projects.  Consult with one of our experts about how you can achieve the best soft feel for your products.

    GREENSOFT™-126SFT-460TRM is a SoftTouch™ UV Coating for a soft, tactile feel with improved rub resistance. It is 100% reactive and contains no solvents. Unlike standard UV coatings which are typically 100% petrochemical based, GREENSOFT™-126SFT-460TRM is a green uv coating that contains over 20% renewable bio resources.

    GREENSOFT™-126SFT-460TRM is designed for roller or flexo coating on plastic tubes and formable plastic surfaces, etc.

    GREENSOFT™-126SFT-460TRM is a specialty product for plastics used to create luxurious aesthetics, a tactile velvety feel, while providing the protection of a UV coating.


    • Proprietary, highly linear backbone technology
    • Low odor
    • Printable, Cool White appearance
    • Luxurious gentle feel for toothpaste tubes, shampoo bottles, etc. Enhances allure and grip of products
    • Suitable for other non-porous substrates

    GREENSOFT-126SFT-SC-V is a low gloss one package overprint system with a SoftTouch tactile feel. It is 100% reactive and contains no solvents. Unlike conventional UV coatings which are typically 100% petrochemical based, GREENSOFT-126SFT-SC-V contains up to 17% renewable bio-resources.


    GREENSOFT-126SFT-SC-V can be utilized in flexo, screen, and smooth roller applications.


    • Low Gloss
    • Use over heatset, UV, waterbased or hybrid inks.
    • Excellent flow
    • Flexible with good abrasion resistance
    • Printable, Glueable, Score and Fold, Embossable
    • Adhesion to plastic
  • Printing on Plastic

    Printing on Plastic Substrates can be Tricky

    Paper Substrates Forgive, Plastic Ones Do Not.

    Much has happened since we last wrote about printing on plastic substrates. Compared to a few years ago, many more printers are printing on plastic substrates and the variety of available substrates has increased, as has interest in printing on these materials, the result of innovative new applications.

  • Recycling and Sustainability

    Recycling and Sustainability in UV and EB Cured Packaging

    Recycling and Sustainability in UV and EB Cured Packaging

    Paper and paper board products printed and coated with UV and EB curables are recyclable. They have always been recyclable into lower grades of paper known as “greyback” or “fillerboards.” These grades include materials used to produce folding cartons, corrugated, wallboard, tissue paper, roofing paper, and cellulose insulation. This category of recycling into lower grades of paper is known as “downcycling.”

  • Soft Touch

    Soft Touch Coatings Raise the Bar

    About Soft Touch Coatings 

    Soft Touch coatings are able to provide products with a unique soft, warmer, more comfortable, luxurious, feel that humans intrinsically desire. The tactile, haptic effect provided is able to enhance the sensory perceptions of the consumer. Soft Touch coatings unquestionably add value to products as they impart appealing visual and tactile properties, setting products apart in the marketplace. It’s been long known that humans have an affinity for soft things. Because of this, there is an ongoing global marketing trend to offer Soft Touch coatings to satisfy consumers and alter buying trends. Soft Touch coatings are being applied across a wide range of consumer product applications including automotive interiors, appliances, and consumer electronics, packaging, and labeling products. The result is the creation of a soft feel on ordinary paper, plastic, and metal substrates that is appealing to consumers and adding value. 

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